Journey to Egypt: the first details of the new part of the Total War series have appeared
The main details were shared by a trusted insider.

The name of the new part of the series briefly appeared on the official website of the Total War strategic series. Following the leak, information about the game was revealed by a trusted insider billbil_kun, who constantly publishes truthful data about collections of projects in PlayStation Plus.


So, the new part of the series will be called Total War: Pharaoh. Judging by the absence of the word Saga in the name, this will be a full-fledged big game in the franchise. Smaller-scale projects by the Creative Assembly studio and Sega publishing house are usually attributed to the aforementioned offshoot in the series.


The name of the strategy was confirmed by billbil_kun in his microblog. He stated that the game will be sold in three editions: Regular, Deluxe and Dynasty. The second includes an additional set of factions, and the third includes three such sets at once and another campaign. Most likely, this content will be released after the release and will also be sold separately.


Cosmetic bonuses are provided for pre-ordering Total War: Pharaoh. According to billbil_kun, the game will be fully announced next week.


More about the Total War series

This is a franchise of strategies that combine step-by-step management of states on a global map and real-time battles. The main feature of the series is the presence of many troops and factions with their characteristics.

Each part has its unique features. For example, in the Warhammer line, the bias was made on fantasy, and in Three Kingdoms, an important role was given to military leaders.

As of May 2023, the franchise has 13 main games, three offshoots with Saga subheadings and many additions.

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